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Open meetingpoint at Kartanonkoski

Open early childhood education has now made it easy for Vantaa families with children to learn about support services for families with children. From the beginning of September, Kartanonkoski has had an open meeting place where all Vantaa families with children can benefit from, for instance, threshold-less speech therapy, integration and social guidance services during the opening hours of the open meeting place.

Later on, also Russian- and English-language family clubs will start their activities at the open meeting place. You can come to the meeting place where, on different weekdays, you can speak with various professionals without queueing, appointment or referral.

“We take our activities wherever children and their guardians move during weekdays. The guiding principle of our new service model is that the family’s situation and needs are key,” explains family coach Turo Karhu.

Sometimes even a short meeting and discussion can help the family forward. If not, an appointment will be made for the next meeting. Family work at the meeting place is dictated by the same confidentiality requirement as on the Health and Social Welfare Department’s reception premises.

In connection with play, singing and other activities, you can have a preventive discussion with family work professionals before the issues that concern you grow into real problems.

“We also invite other Vantaa organizations whose activities are connected with the lives of families with children to join our activities. We continuously plan our services together with visitors to the meeting place,” says early childhood education manager Lena Karlsson.

The open meeting place operates on every weekday at Illenpiha day-care center's pavilion, address: Illenpiha 6. Up to now, Pakkala open day-care center has operated in connection with Illenpiha day-care center, but is now expanding its operating model and changing its name. Compared with the activities of the earlier open day-care center, the new meeting place collect more extensive and more easy-to-access services under the same roof. The Illenpiha pavilion also houses the Kartanonkoski area’s club for under-school-age children whose operations will continue as usual.

View the open day-care center's weekly program and opening hours at the day-care center's website (in Finnish)

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Published: 6.9.2019 
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