Kukkuu art festival invites babies and small children to enjoy art

Lion disco / Photo: Jaana Niinivirta
Lion disco / Photo: Jaana Niinivirta

Kukkuu art festival, on November 1–10, 2019, will present a wide selection of art program for babies and small children.

Kukkuu is Finland's biggest festival for babies. During the festival there are nearly 100 performances and events around Vantaa. The events are arranged in Finnish and in Swedish. There are worldless events as well. Most of the events are free of charge.

There’s music, dance, fairytales, poetry, arts and crafts – take a look at the program and see for yourself!

Some highlights of the program

The Finnish National Opera invites babies to Cultural House Martinus to enjoy children's art hours and to Lumosali in Korso to see children’s version of the opera classic Carmen.

Beloved Finnish folk musician Sari Kaasinen performs a lullaby concert both in Hämeenkylä church and Korso church.

Can you hear the “cuckoo” when you are hiding? Taina Mäki-Iso and Heini Kiamiri’s Piilossa will have its premiere in Tikkurila Library on November 1. There’s also a performance in the Länsimäki Open Day Care Center on November 7. Join Tyyppä the clown in hide and seek and find surprising things in the multisensory nest. The focus of the performance is in the interaction and improvisation and there’s only a small amount of talking.

Lion disco is a gentle and eventful dance show for babies and toddlers. Since there’s no separate auditorium, the children are invited to share the adventure with the dancing lions. Come and see the show in Pessi Children’s Art Center in Tikkurila.

Published: 4.10.2019 
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