Jarmo Ahvenainen and Jesse Pasanen recipients of Vantaa's cultural prize


The city council awarded Vantaa cultural prizes in its meeting on December 16, 2019

Vantaa Cultural Prize for significant cultural deed was awarded to Jarmo Ahvenainen, founder of the multicultural children’s orchestra Tempo. The recipient of the cultural prize for a young artist is street artist Jesse Pasanen.

The Vantaa cultural prize was this year awarded for the second time in two different categories. One of the cultural prizes will be awarded as recognition of a significant cultural deed and the other as motivation for a young artist. Both cultural prizes amount to €10 000.

Jarmo Ahvenainen conducting Tempo Orchestra for 10 years

Jarmo Ahvenainen, lecturer of orchestra and chamber music, is the founder and long-time leader of Vantaa Tempo Orchestra. He has been actively involved in Tempo activities during the orchestra's entire 10-year history.

Ahvenainen—together with his son—founded the national Tempo association as well as Vantaa's own Tempo Orchestras Association whose chair he is.

Now retired, he has gratuitously volunteered as Tempo Orchestras’ all-rounder in performances both in Finland and abroad. In addition to his teaching tasks, Ahvenainen has also fostered international relations with similar orchestras.

The starting point of Tempo activities is social: to promote friendship between multicultural children and the young by playing together. At the moment, around 80 students at Länsimäki and Kytöpuisto schools participate in weekly Tempo activities. The players practice together twice a week after school, and each of them has a short lesson during the school day where they practice the songs. The activities are open to all the schools’ students, without entrance tests or tuition fees. Likewise, the students can play the instruments for free.

Recipient of the young artist's prize, Jesse Pasanen, molds the streetscape

Graphic Designer Jesse Pasanen is famous for street art, as well as for painting and organizing works of art.

Pasanen studied graphic design at Aalto University. He is the founding member of the following:The Artists' Association in Vantaa, Street Art Vantaa, Multicoloured Dreams projects, as well as Grafia's street-art G-Rex guild. In addition, he is a very popular trainer both in Finland and abroad.

Public works of art and bringing art to the cityscape demand not only artistic talent but also cooperation skills and social courage: no single public work of art can be created by one person only.

Vantaa residents could propose prize recipients

You cannot apply for Vantaa cultural prizes; Vantaa City Executive Board will decide on awarding the prizes on the basis of proposal by the Leisure and Recreation committee.

Nevertheless, this fall Vantaa Cultural Services asked residents to propose Vantaa persons and actors whose endeavors for the benefit of Vantaa's cultural life should be recognized. The proposals were utilized when preparing for 2019 Vantaa cultural prizes.

For more than 40 years, the City of Vantaa has awarded a prize for significant merits for the benefit of art, culture and the city's art life.

Published: 18.12.2019 
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