Education and Learning Department building wellbeing for children in Vantaa

Management group of Education and learning

The new Education and Learning Department began its operations with the launch of the organizational reform, valid as of the turn of the year. The Education and Learning Department consists of Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, Upper Secondary Education and Swedish Services service areas.

The Education Department that acted till the end of 2019 was divided into two departments: Urban Culture and Education and Learning departments at the beginning of this year.

The Education and Learning Department aims to provide for children and the young high-quality education and learning services as well as seamless continuums to them. Katri Kalske who assumed her post as new deputy mayor of the department at the beginning of January strives at open discussion and partnering. “We are developing education and learning services across service-area and unit boundaries by focusing on the needs of children, the young, and families with children. Our joint goals are high-quality services for children and the young, seamless continuums related to them, by accounting for the needs of children, the young, and families with children.”

Four service areas

The question posed by our down-to-earth and relaxed deputy mayor “Are we producing services or genuinely serving the residents” puts the department’s basic principles in a nutshell. The Education and Learning service area consists of four service areas, as well as of the Student Welfare service unit and of the Financial and Administrative support services unit:

  1. In Early Childhood Education, happy, learning and participating children will grow into sustainable future, under the innovative approach deployed by early childhood education director, Sole Askola-Vehviläinen, who coordinates the activities of 130 Vantaa day-care centers.
  2. The 24,225 wellbeing and smart students in basic education will grow equally into the future, headed by basic education director Ilkka Kalo.
  3. In Upper Secondary Education, young people and adults will learn openly, courageously, responsibly and communally in all stages of life under the eye of ringette judge Ari Ranki, upper secondary education director.
  4. Svenskspråkig service assembles all the city’s Swedish-language services under the same umbrella, headed by Swedish-language services director Anders Vikström.
  5. Student welfare professionals are responsible for Vantaa children and young people's welfare—ranging from under-preschool-year-olds to students in upper secondary education—under the direction of student welfare manager Tuija Harakka.
  6. Support services serves all the service areas and is responsible for the department’s communication. Financial and administrative director Eila Tanninen heads the Financial and Administrative Services unit.

In addition to service areas and units, also development teams are increasing the welfare of children and the young as regards curriculum work, learning support, study paths, multiculturalism, student welfare, and ICT issues.

The Education Committee will act as the Education and Learning Committee till the end of the council term, that is, May 31, 2021, after which the committee will continue its operations as the Education and Learning Committee. The department is also responsible for the activities of the Education Committee’s Swedish Section and Individual Affairs Section. Svenskspråkig service coordinates the activities of Svenska kommittén, which promotes issues related to Vantaa’s Swedish-speakers.

Education and learning in figures

The department’s budget amounts to €463.7 million and it employs 5,150 people. The number of children in early childhood education services totals 13,634 and those in basic education 24,225, whereas secondary education students number around 7,700. The number of children has been forecast to increase by 2,904 by 2029, and the corresponding number of basic-education-age children is estimated to be 1,141 students.

Published: 5.2.2020 
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