Early childhood education customer fees and care-place guarantee during the validity of the Emergency Powers Act - notification for guardians 24.3

Information sent to guardians about the corona virus situation is published also on vantaa.fi. In first hand we inform guardians by email.

Dear Guardians of Children in Early Childhood Education,

Early childhood education service units and preschool education arranged in connection with them will still continue. The Government has outlined that guardians who can arrange home care for their children will do so. If you can care for your child at home, do not bring him/her to early childhood education. This way, we can help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Education and Culture recommends that—based on the exceptional circumstances as verified by the Government—the municipalities not charge early childhood education customer fees when the guardians themselves care for their children. This is based on §13 of the Act on Early Childhood Education Customer Fees (1503/2016).

By decision of Ritva Viljanen, Mayor of the City of Vantaa, on March 24, 2020:

  1. Early childhood education will reimburse all children’s absences during the validity of the Emergency Powers Act. The reimbursements will be paid regardless of the reason for the child’s absence. The fees will be reimbursed retroactively as of March 18, 2020. Guardians are asked to inform of their children’s absences as usual by phone, email or text message to the early childhood education place. The reimbursements apply to both municipal early childhood education and early childhood education arranged by service voucher.
  2. The terms and conditions of the care-place guarantee are changed during the validity of the Emergency Powers Act. You can take care-place guarantee retroactively for at least one month as of March 18, 2020. An agreement on the guarantee will be made with the director of the day-care center. The agreement is available on the City of Vantaa website. The care-place guarantee applies to municipal early childhood education.

Further information is available on the vantaa.fi website, from the director of the day-care center and from early childhood education manager Kati Timo, firstname.lastname@vantaa.fi.

In Albanian: Informimi i përketë pagesës dhe garantimit të vendit të përkujdesjes për fëmijën tuaj në edukimin e hershëm gjatë kohës sa është në fuqi ligji për situatën emërgjente

In Arabic: معلومات بخصوص رسوم الزبون للتربية المبكرة وضمان مكان الرعاية خلال فترة سريان قانون الطوارئ

In Estonian: Teadaanne puudutades alushariduse kliendimakse ja hoiukohagarantiid eriolukorra seaduse kehtivuse ajal

In Russian: Уведомление, касающееся платежа за дошкольное воспитание и гарантии на сохранение места в учреждении дошкольного воспитания в период действия закона о чрезвычайном положении

In Somali: Ogeysiis ku saabsan bixinta lacagta macmiilka barbaarinta hore iyo dammaanadda booska daryeelka inta lagu guda jiro xukunka degdegga ah

Published: 24.3.2020 
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