Vantaa remunerates after-school activities fees as of March 18, 2020

During the validity of the Emergency Powers Act, customer fees will be charged, as of April 1, only for those days when a child participates in after-school activities. There are no notice periods. Customer fees will also be remunerated retroactively for those days on March 18-31, 2020, when a child did not participate in the activities. Service providers will pay the remunerations automatically, so guardians do not have to separately apply for them. The service providers will also advise the guardians, when required.

Before and after-school activities are stipulated in §48 f of the Basic School Act.

Please inform, if your child participates in after-school activities

If your child will not participate in after-school activities every day, please notify your child’s participation on the following day's after-school activities on the day before, at the latest by 12:00, so that the service provider can reserve an appropriate number of employees and snacks at after-school clubs.

When required, after-school-activities service providers and the City of Vantaa may centralize these activities. The service providers will separately inform the guardians of any changes. No unreasonable inconvenience for the students may arise from any potential changes, and when planning changes, the risk of infection will be minimized.

After-school activities are meant for those in contact instruction

The Government has outlined that all 1st-3rd-grade students and students needing special support are entitled to participate in contact instruction. However, to contain the coronavirus epidemic, the Government recommends that all children who can safely study and be cared for at home, study in distance education. Children in distance education will not participate in after-school activities.

All students in contact instruction who have a decision on participating in after-school activities, will be arranged after-school activities, when required, also during the emergency conditions. During the validity of the Emergency Powers Act, also those 3rd-graders whose guardians are exceptionally ordered by their employers to work can apply for after-school activities. In these cases, contact and address inquires to the after-school activities service provider in your child’s local school.

Published: 6.4.2020 
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