Vantaa schools reopening on Thursday the 14th of May

Finnish schools have been closed since the 18th of March, and the 24 000 students in Vantaa basic education have been studying at home. This Thursday distance learning comes to an end as schools in Vantaa reopen for the last two weeks before the summer break. Out of 24 000 pupils in Vantaa basic education a clear majority is heading back to their familiar school grounds. 1776 students will be relocated to upper secondary schools and youth centers.

In order to return to contact instruction, the Kartanonkoski school staff has worked hard to accommodate for f.e. schedule changes to ensure a safe return to schools. According to the school principal Tuija Tammi, the distance learning period at the school went well.

“Even though the shift to distance learning happened so suddenly, we were able to make the transition smoothly because are school was already well prepared. Digitalization has been deeply embedded in our school curriculum even before distance learning started in March”, Tammi says.

A recent survey by the City of Vantaa showed that 74 % of guardians were very satisfied or satisfied with the transition from contact instruction to distance learning. Eveliina Hartikainen, a parent of two Kartanonkoski pupils thanks the school’s teachers for providing a structured schedule similar to regular school days.

Although the reopening has divided opinions amongst school parents, Marle Himberg, a parent of two girls at the school, thinks it’s good that the pupils have a chance to get together before summer holidays. “It makes the transition of going back to school in the fall easier”, Himberg states.

At least Himberg’s daughter, a 7th grader at the school, is definitely looking forward to seeing her schoolmates and teachers again.

Watch the video here. English subtitles provided.

Deputy Mayor Katri Kalske is hosting a Facebook-live in Finnish on her page on Thrusday the 14th of May at 18:00 for those who have questions about pupils going back to school.

Published: 13.5.2020 
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