Vantaa Leisure Services to reopen gradually

Vantaa Art Museum Artsi
Vantaa Art Museum Artsi

It is possible to reopen the Leisure Services of the citizens of Vantaa in a managed way, as the national government eased up on the restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The new services developed during the exceptional state will be kept up and developed further, so that people over 70 years of age and other members of at-risk groups will have the opportunity to participate in the services without physical contact.

Leisure Services will open in Vantaa in a managed way and the necessary social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be followed in all the services. We are happy, however, that after a long period of being closed we are able to offer these important services to citizens of Vantaa, says Deputy Mayor of Urban Culture Riikka Åstrand.

Many different activities are offered to children and young people in the summer activities, among other things, in the form of day camps with athletics and culture, as well as in conjunction with youth centers in every Vantaa region.

– We want to invest a lot in summer activities this summer especially. For many children and young people, the long remote education period has increased their need for social contacts and stimulants during the summer vacation. The program for the summer is being drawn up currently and it will be published broadly in the city’s different channels, says Åstrand.

The libraries will be opened in June – the citizens' houses only after the summer break

The libraries are open with limited services until 31 May. You can return materials to the libraries and reserved materials can be picked up there. It has been possible to make new reservations from 11 May onwards

Reservations can be picked up at the following libraries: Hakunila library, Koivukylä library, Lumo library, Martinlaakso library, Myyrmäki library, Point library, Pähkinärinne library, and Tikkurila library. The libraries will open also for other activities starting on 1 June, but all the spaces, for example, newspaper reading rooms, will not be in use.

Citizens' houses will not open before the summer break, but they are planned to be opened after the summer break on 5 August. It is possible to assemble, taking social distancing into consideration, in the Katrineberg Manor’s park area. The activity of the Adult Education Institure will continue mainly as remote education.

The coronavirus telephone service that has been opened for the use of citizens will also serve in continuation. The same applies to the service telephone for people in high-risk groups. The distribution of food bags will likewise continue as before.

The summer season of the Youth Services begins in June

Youth Services will continue in the same way as during the spring, and the services wlll transition directly into the summer season program starting on 1 June. The young people’s workshop activity is preparing to start the more normal activity starting on 1 June.

Youth work taken to the home and outreach youth work meetings will be realized with remote contacts. The outreach youth work will be gradually transferred to work at the office starting on 1 June. Young people can also be met face-to-face also in Liido, Vernissakatu, or in the young person’s neighborhood.

Outdoor exercise areas to open on May 14th

Outdoor sports facilities will open right away on May 14th to be used by exercisers. Indoor sports facilities will be opened in the second phase starting from June 1 onwards. Swimming pools open their doors for swimming clubs’ supervised training and to applicable public use.

Limitations of the number of users will be followed in the use of exercise areas. In other words, during May a maximum of 10 persons can be present and starting in June a maximum of 50 persons at a time. Likewise, social distancing between users is to be observed as well as general hygiene guidelines.

– The use of exercise areas will not be the same this spring and summer as before the exceptional situation. In practice, maintaining distance with others meas that the activity is to concentrate on individual exercising or small groups, reminds Deputy Mayor Åstrand.

There will be guided exercise for senior citizens via online broadcasts in the future also. In continuation, the exercises will be broadcast from the exercise services’ own studio.

Artsi will open at the beginning of June

Vantaa Art Museum Artsi will open its exhibition activity starting on June 1st. Freedom of the Image and Naamataulukirjasto exhibitions are on display at the art museum. The museum will be open according to the summer opening hours.

The remodeling that has started in the City Museum will keep the museum closed long into the fall.

Vantaa Music Institute's semester will continue starting on 14 May mainly as on-site education. Children’s culture activities will start in groups of under 50 persons, with productions by both the city itself and outside producers. Culture services will continue to be provided via different streaming and virtual events.

Large events are cancelled until the end of July in accord with the Council of State’s policy.

– Many exciting, large free events are being planned for all citizens for August. We are waiting eagerly to find out if large events can be arranged after July, ponders Deputy Mayor Åstrand.

Published: 14.5.2020 
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