Application for preparatory training after basic education 19 May - 21 July 2020

In Vantaa, there is a diverse selection of preparatory trainings available for young people finishing their basic education. Study skills are developed in the training that last for one school year, preparing for completing vocational or upper secondary school studies. The young person has the possibility to, for example, improve their basic education grades, develop their Finnish language skills, get confirmation of a career choice, and get additional points for the next general application period. Additional information about the preparatory training can be found on Vantaa’s general application webpage.

In the application for preparatory training, you can apply:

  • to tenth grade, or additional basic education
  • Into VALMA – preparatory training for basic vocational studies
  • Into LUVA – preparatory training for upper secondary school for immigrants and other speakers of foreign languages

You can apply to the preparatory training starting in the fall of 2020 with the electronic form at the address The application period is 19 May – 21 July 2020. You fill out the three choices in which you are most interested in order of priority.

You can get support and guidance from the young people’s counseling and support center Kipinä, the TE Office, and from Vantaan Ohjaamo.

Published: 1.1.1900 
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