Celebrating responsibly on the graduation party should be discussed at home with the young

Kuusijärveen hyppy

Schools will end on Saturday, May 30, 2020, but schools will not arrange graduation parties because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is to be expected, however, that despite recommendations and restrictions, several children and young people will gather together to celebrate the beginning of the summer vacation.

It is typical that the young celebrating the end-of-term use intoxicants, which increases the risk of various accidents. The majority of children and young people will, nevertheless, celebrate the end of the school year without any problems this spring as well.

In earlier years the celebration has translated into a lot of work for the police, ambulance, youth workers, and voluntary employees. East Uusimaa Police Department, the City of Vantaa Youth Work, and Finnish Red Cross volunteers have prepared for the weekend and will be on the spot this year as in earlier ones. The police instruct guardians and the young in a release of their own.

In the darkening evening, risks of accidents will increase

Traditional meeting places favored by the young in Vantaa are schools’ and day-care centers’ yards, as well as public parks. Popular places in East Vantaa are Kuusijärvi outdoor recreation area, Dixi’s environment, Heureka park, and in West Vantaa Jokiuoma park. Like thousands of other young people, some Vantaa youth will go to celebrate in downtown Helsinki and Järvenpää's Rantapuisto.

Some of the partiers have been strongly intoxicated in years past. In addition to accidents, there have been crimes such as assaults, sexual harassment, and theft. The intoxicated face a much bigger risk of being victims of crime and accidents.

Keep your phone on

The police or child welfare authorities will contact the guardians of minors who are intoxicated or have committed a crime. Last spring guardians were very well reachable, answered calls and fetched the young home. Guardians should be accessible by phone especially on the party night and answer calls from unknown numbers.

The City of Vantaa youth workers serve also over the phone. Outreach youth work in East Vantaa is coordinated by Juho Outavaara, tel. 0400 414356, West Vantaa: Juha Huopainen tel. 040 631 8685. Call the number if you are concerned about your condition or about the condition of another young person.

Guardians are urged to discuss the risks related to graduation-night partying with their children. Agree together on ground rules, so that a nice evening will not end in a police reprimand or an unfortunate injury.

Read in Albanian: Është mirë të bisedohet me të rinjët në shtëpi për festimin e përgjegjëshëm këtë fundjavë me rastin e përfundimit të vitit shkollor

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Published: 26.5.2020 
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