City Council decided on financing for schools’ and day-care centers’ pavilions

The city council decided on June 15 on financing for several pavilion premises during this year.

Rajakylä day-care-center’s pavilion will be built on the site of the present rundown main building and it will act as temporary premises for Latupuisto day-care center. Koivukylä pavilion meets the area's need for more day-care center places as well as the needs of children of the early childhood education age. Veromäki pavilion will consist of new subject-instruction premises for the Aviapolis area.

The rundown and now-empty old pavilion of Vierumäki school will be replaced with a new one. In the future, the temporary premises of Kilteri school will act as temporary premises for Kivimäki school till the completion of Ojahaka comprehensive school. In the future, the temporary premises of Jokiniemi school will act as temporary premises for Simonkallio school and the extension of Peltola school. The need for Kaivoksela school's pavilion begins and will continue—accommodating 150 students—till the completion of Ojahaka comprehensive school.

In addition, Real Estate Centre has put out to tender a pavilion to replace Vapaala day-care center’s pavilion building. The city council made an allocation amendment in the 2020 budget, required for the pavilions.

Coronavirus affects the framework of the 2021 budget

The framework compiled to act as the basis of Vantaa’s 2021 budget is based on uncertain data concerning the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic: development of tax revenues, state aid to municipalities, and employment. The framework is deployed as a technical framework that does not yet predict all future incomes and costs. The current tax percentages act as the basis.

The impacts of the coronavirus epidemic on municipal finances, public finance and the national economy are significant. The epidemic results in increased health care and social welfare costs and diminishes municipalities’ tax and premium incomes. On the other hand, the costs of employment management and public transportation will rise.

The tax income forecast for the 2021 framework is €54 million less, of which the share of the municipal tax estimate is €46 million. The state contributions are based on the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities’ forecasts. The city council did not at this stage assess the Government compensations for municipal finances, because of lacking specific data.

Two plans ratified

The plan for Vaaralanlampi makes it possible to build an official swimming place and minor constructions related to it, as well as development of the area’s recreation trails. In addition, the plan ratifies the areas important for the biodiversity of Slåttmossen swamps. The areas of the swamps will be developed in cooperation with the City of Helsinki.

Viertola’s Lauhatie day-care center will be built, as planned, on the site of Kurjenpolvi day-care center, which is to be demolished. The area of the present Murattipuisto will be annexed to the day-care center lot, and a new park area will be created to the east of Murattitie.

Published: 16.6.2020 
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