Beginners’ cycling courses for adults in Vantaa

Ihmisiä pyörineen

Are you an adult, but don’t know yet how to ride a bike? Come and learn how to cycle with us!

City of Vantaa and Helsingin Polkupyöräilijät ry (HePo, Helsinki Cyclists) offer beginners’ cycling courses for adults living in Vantaa. The courses will be held in different locations in Vantaa during August – October 2020. By teaching cycling we aim to promote sustainable form of transportation that brings joy, freedom and health benefits to one’s everyday life.

The courses consist of five lessons. In order to participate, you do not need to have any previous experience or skills in cycling – we will teach you everything to get started! We will start from the very basics by learning how to balance on the bicycle. Step by step you will gain the skills and confidence necessary to carry out a short biking excursion in the last lesson of the course.

The course is free of charge and to participate, you don’t need to bring your own bicycle.

Sign up by filling up the form here. There is a limited number of spots available in the courses, so you will receive a separate confirmation email in August.

More information on the course:

If you are interested in becoming a voluntary coach in the cycling courses and share the joy of cycling to others, register here for the coach course!

Information on the courses can be found in social media with hashtag #vantaapyöräilee.

Helsinki Cyclists (HePo) is a local cyclists’ association founded in 1981. HePo advocates for the interests of the cyclists in the Helsinki metropolitical area and works to ensure a safe, smooth and comfortable cycling environment in the region.

Published: 6.7.2020 
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