Free-of-charge swimming hall to cover all Vantaa upper secondary education students

The swimming hall benefit, begun early this year, that allows students at the City of Vantaa high schools and at Vantaa Vocational College Varia to use swimming halls for free will continue until June 5, 2021. The target group will expand to cover all secondary education students living in Vantaa.

The free use of swimming halls and gyms was piloted in spring 2020 as part of the Finnish Schools on the Move project. The new benefit replaced the one-off gym and swimming hall vouchers distributed to secondary education students earlier.

Thanks to the expansion of the swimming-hall benefit, all Vantaa secondary education students can use the City of Vantaa swimming halls and gyms for free on weekdays at 6:00-16:00. Free-of-charge swimming for students is arranged at Trio sports park in Tikkurila, as well as in Hakunila, Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso and Korso swimming halls. With the exception of Korso, the gyms are situated in connection with the swimming halls.

In order to gain free entrance, students shall come to a swimming hall on a weekday before 16:00 and to prove that they are students at a Vantaa high school, Varia or Mercuria. Vantaa residents that study at another secondary education institution must prove both that they are students of the educational institution in question and that they live in Vantaa.

The Schools on the Move project was launched in Vantaa in the fall of 2019. The project aims to make Vantaa Vocational College Varia's and Vantaa high schools’ learning environments more active as well as to increase mobility in each study day. Cooperation and competency development are at the core of the activities.

Check the swimming halls’ exceptional summertime opening hours online at:

Hakunila Swimming Hall will remain closed till the end of 2020 because of renovation.
Korso Swimming Hall is closed from June 1 to Aug. 9, 2020
Martinlaakso Swimming Hall and Gym have been closed because of basic renovation, but will open on August 17, 2020.

Published: 13.8.2020 
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