Vantaa invites residents to suggest improvements for the urban environment in Hakunila and Martinlaakso

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Residents can submit ideas for and later in the fall also vote on how they would like to spend money on developing the neighborhoods of Hakunila and Martinlaakso. A sum of €50,000 has been allocated to both districts.

Ideas can be submitted from August 18th to September 14th, online or at idea-generation points. The ideas should be targeted at developing the city’s outdoor premises, that is, street areas, parks, outdoor exercise places or school and day-care center yards. The ideas should be connected with one of the following themes: pleasantness, sense of community, accessibility, wellbeing, and safety.

The idea-generation stage kicks off participatory budgeting, according to which residents decide on how a specific sum in the city’s budget is to be used. First, ideas are received and then the ideas to be realized will be chosen by voting. At issue is a new way to participate in developing a specific area and to influence how the city's money is used.

What can you get with €50,000?

Money could be spent on, for instance, new benches or exercise equipment. For instance, a park bench, a trash can in a school yard or a summer-flower box will cost €500−€1,000. Acquiring and installing an exercise device would cost around €7 000. The allocated sums are not, however, enough to build entirely new playgrounds or dog parks.

How can I submit an idea?

Anybody can submit an idea — by themselves or with another person. You can submit your ideas online at: or at the idea-generation points in Hakunila and Martinlaakso. You will find the idea-generation points at Martinlaakso library, indoor swimming pool, Martinlaakso day care centre, shopping mall and K-supermarket Martsari. In Hakunila, you can leave your ideas at the youth club, health center, library, church, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare’s families’ community house, Hakunila International Organization as well as at Håkansböle manor. In addition, we will put up pop up idea-generation points where you can discuss your ideas with the city’s experts.

“We encourage everybody to participate, because the residents are the best experts in their own districts. Come up with ideas on how to make the area you live in more pleasant. These ideas do not come from the city's office-holders, but from the residents who can suggest what to do and where,” tells community involvement coordinator Laura Lettenmeier.

What happens after idea-generation?

After the idea-generation stage, the city’s experts will familiarize themselves with them and—together with the residents— finalize them into proposals that will be included in the vote. From October 20th till November 16th, all Hakunila and Martinlaakso residents ages 12 and over get to vote on which of the proposals will be realized with the allocated sums. The winning proposals will be implemented in 2021. Participatory budgeting constitutes a part of the positive special treatment program.

Read more and submit your ideas online at:

Published: 18.8.2020 
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