Vantaa, Helsinki and Espoo surveying the use of intoxicating substances with an online questionnaire

Do people in your district use too much alcohol or other intoxicating substances? Have you been worried about your loves ones’ substance use during the coronavirus outbreak?

Vantaa, Helsinki and Espoo are launching an online questionnaire to survey their residents’ views regarding the use of intoxicating substances and addiction treatment opportunities in the cities. All residents of the cities over the age of 13 are encouraged to respond to the questionnaire.

The questionnaire’s questions concern alcohol, tobacco products, drugs and gambling. In addition to this, the questionnaire requests observations of underage substance use and the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on substance use.

The substance use questionnaire is part of Pakka, a national operating model for substance abuse prevention. The results of the online questionnaire will be utilised in the health and well-being promotion and substance abuse prevention of the major cities of the Helsinki region. The up-to-date information provided by the questionnaire will facilitate local work for reducing the harmful impacts of alcohol, tobacco and gambling. The results of the questionnaire will lead to targeted follow-up measures.

The substance use questionnaire will open on 1 September and remain available until the end of October. All responses to the questionnaire are anonymous and confidential. The questionnaire is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Vantaa substance use survey 2020

Published: 2.9.2020 
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