Over 200 ideas were submitted in Martinlaakso and Hakunila participatory budgeting

Street art

The first part of the participatory budgeting, idea generation, ended on Monday, September 14. Next, the ideas will be further developed: residents can participate in this stage in the workshops arranged at the beginning of October.

The theme of the Meidän Martsari and Meidän Hakunila projects was developing the neighborhood. The aim of participatory budgeting is that residents can generate ideals and vote on what a certain sum of the city’s budget will be used. Both districts have a sum of €50,000 at their disposal.

86 ideas concerning Hakunila were submitted and 142 concerning Martinlaakso in the idea-generation stage begun on August 18. Ideas could be submitted online and at idea generation points, including libraries. Schools, youth centers and organizations participated in collecting the ideas.

“Ideas consisted of lightning, environmental cleanliness, benches, street art and flowers, among others. It’s wonderful how enthusiastically residents submitted ideas,” says Laura Lettenmeier, community involvement coordinator.

All the ideas concerning both Hakunila and Martinlaakso can be viewed online.

Next, the city's experts will familiarize themselves with the ideas and turn them into plans to be voted on. Residents can participate in the further development in two workshops: in Martinlaakso school cafeteria, October 5, at 17:30 and Hakunila youth center on October 7, at 17:30. You can enroll in the workshops by 10 th of October by filling a Webropol-form (form in Finnish).

On October 20-November 16, all Hakunila and Martinlaakso residents ages 12 and over get to vote on which of the proposals will be realized with the allocated sums. The winning proposals will be implemented in 2021.

articipatory budgeting constitutes a part of the positive special treatment program.

Published: 16.9.2020 
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