Kivistö to acquire stores and city services

The city arranged an open enrollment procedure concerning Kivistö’s service concentration, and six proposals were gained as a result. On October 5, the city executive board chose Lehto Tilat Oy for further negotiations. Lehto Tilat Oy's proposal has space for a convenience store and a large department store. The negotiation result shall be attained by November 27, 2020.

The service concentration will also have space for a health center, Urban Culture Department’s library, youth and cultural premises, as well as citizen services premises.

The extent of the first phase of Lehto Tilat Oy's proposal amounts to around 12 300 k-m2, and the acreage of the lot is approximately 12 500 m2. The proposal does not extend to Topaasiaukio, which means that that project can be implemented on two stories.

The proposal places a library on the second story of the side facing the bus terminal, as well as a gym on the northeast corner. The proposal also suggests that a third story be built on the side of the terminal that would house a health center. The underground basement would have 145 parking spaces, in addition to which 95 parking spaces are proposed to be built on the ground level.

The first phase of Lehto Tilat Oy's proposal is scheduled for opening in October-December 2022, if the city makes a decision on the lease in the course of 2020. The service concentration could expand to the southeast, toward Vantaankoskentie, and house two convenience stores á 3450 k-m2. In the third phase, the convenience stores would further expand to the southeast, toward Korundikatu, in two units of 5500 - 8500 k-m2, which would make it possible to build two hypermarkets. The first expansion could take place as soon as agreements with two convenience stores become valid.

Published: 6.10.2020 
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