Aviapolis and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: current developments

Aviapolis core plan

Aviation-related industry: Need for recovery in the Aviapolis area

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is situated in the Aviapolis area: an international airport city. It is a hub for air traffic between Europe and Asia.

Aviapolis is Finland's largest growing job center with 40,000 jobs and Finland’s second largest center for jobs and entrepreneurship in Finland. It hosts over 2,000 companies, of which 600 are international.

Currently, aviation industry has suffered greatly due to the COVID19 pandemic. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council has in its recovery plan highlighted the recovery of the airport area as the most important national project.

The Aviapolis area ecosystem of the central businesses, organizations, cities and other stakeholders of aviation-related industry, has collected together a recovery project plan proposal. The proposal enhances the greenness and digitalization of the industry. The plan includes significant reductions for CO2 emissions in the airport area, great attention to biodiversity, as well as ambitious digitalization plans. It would serve as a pilot project for the green transition of the airport areas.

More information of the proposed recovery plan (in Finnish)

Corona Detection Dogs are Popular and Efficient

In September, the City of Vantaa took corona detection dogs to help with COVID19 testing at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Dogs have showed to be effective and popular both among travelers and in the international media. The ease and functionality of testing have been praised.

Published: 6.11.2020 
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