Vantaa offers virtual gymnastics


In addition to traditional gymnastics, the City of Vantaa began virtual gymnastics on Tuesday, November 3. In the future, there will be two different consecutive workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The gym workouts are a follow-up to last spring when the City of Vantaa provided daily virtual gymnastics on FressiTV during the coronavirus-related exceptional circumstances.

The gym workouts in the spring were highly popular; at best, as many as a thousand enthusiasts participated in the gymnastics on one broadcast. Now the city produces the broadcasts itself from the beginning.

“Customers have requested that last spring’s virtual gymnastics be continued, and we are now fulfilling this wish. We’ll see how popular the gymnastics become, so that we can assess the volume required for making them in the future,” says sports manager Anton Ahonen.

Like last spring, also now the gymnastics workouts are targeted at the elderly. The weekly offering consists of chair gymnastics and senior gymnastics of different contents, as well as body management. The City of Vantaa’s familiar sports instructors will be heading the virtual gym workouts.

It is easy to participate in streamlined gymnastics. The participant only needs a device with Internet access. No login is required: you can access the virtual gymnastics workouts directly on the city's website at:

Published: 9.11.2020 
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