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Municipalities in the Capital City Region preparing to receive 90,000 jobseekers from the TE Office

The municipalities of the Capital City Region are preparing at a rapid pace for the municipal employment trials to be launched nationwide at the turn of the year. In municipal trials, the responsibility for the services for jobseekers will be transferred to the municipality for the duration of the trial from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2023. The workforce, facilities and funding of the TE Office and municipalities will be combined. Of the municipalities in the Capital City Region, Helsinki and Espoo operate as their own pilot areas and Vantaa-Kerava as a joint pilot area. The start of municipal trials requires the adoption of the Trials Act in Parliament in December 2020.

The aim of the municipal trials, which will start at the beginning of the year, is for a jobseeker to receive services that suit his or her needs in a timely manner and as a whole. In particular, there is a desire to improve access to the labor market, education, and services for young people who have been unemployed for a longer period of time and are in a weak labor market, young people and foreign-language jobseekers. The goal is a wider but well-targeted range of services and a more individualized service for jobseekers and companies. In principle, statutory services and municipalities' own services are provided as before, but the aim is also to create new solutions for the availability of skilled labor by developing services and new service models.

Client relationship with the municipal trial

The unemployed and jobseekers in employment services who are not entitled to earnings-related daily allowance are directed to the municipal trials in the pilot areas. In addition, the target group includes all jobseekers under the age of 30 and all immigrants who are unemployed or in the employment services of the TE Offices of the pilot areas. The pilot area is responsible for providing public employment and business services (TE Services) to these client groups. Jobseekers who will be transferred to municipal responsibility will be notified in person during January.

Although the services of jobseekers will be transferred to the municipality, the jobseeker will continue to handle certain matters with the TE Office. For example, an unemployed jobseeker will continue to register with the TE Office. The TE Office will direct jobseekers covered by the municipal trial to the municipal trial. Thus, the transfer of a client relationship from the TE Office to the municipal trial does not require separate measures from the jobseeker.

More individualized service and strength from the network

In the municipal trials, jobseekers will be offered more flexibility in regard to, in addition to TE Services, also to municipal, state, private, and third sector services. The aim is to adapt the network's services more effectively than before to the individual service needs of jobseekers. The services cover support for entrepreneurship and job search, as well as education, social, and health services. At a practical level, this is reflected, for example, in training tailored to the needs of competence development.

Almost 50,000 customers will transfer to Helsinki's employment services

In the Helsinki municipal trial, services are offered under the name Helsinki Employment Services. Approximately 49,500 jobseekers and 232 employees from the TE Office will transfer to the Helsinki Employment Services. In total, about 350 employees will work in the Helsinki Employment Services, of which about 300 mainly will work in customer work and management of customer work. The rest will work in support, design and development roles.

The Helsinki Employment Services offices will be located in Itäkeskus on Asiakkaankatu, in Pasila on Ratapihantie, and in the city center on Viipurinkatu and Runeberginkatu. The Young People’s Ohjaamo operations will continue in Kamppi as will the Employment Service Marketplace in Pasila, which will also house the TE Office's service location.

In the Helsinki Employment Services, the jobseeker will receive his or her own responsible expert, as well as the city's extensive and multidisciplinary services, to support job search and employment promotion. Unemployment of an individual is solved with timely services, in which the development of the skills required by the labor market through means of education and various work-rehabilitating services are emphasized. In this way, Helsinki will also serve the region's business by enabling a skilled workforce.

Espoo takes responsibility for the services of 18,000 jobseekers

The Espoo municipal trial will be implemented by the City of Espoo's employment services. The experiment uses the name Employment Espoo. Approximately 18,000 Espoo jobseekers from the TE Office will transfer to the Espoo municipal trial. About 150 people will work in the Espoo municipal trial. 86 of the employees will transfer to the trial from the TE Office and the rest from the City of Espoo.

The Espoo municipal trial will operate in the same premises as the Espoo TE Office on Upseerinkatu in Leppävaara. There are also two other offices right next door: Komentajankatu 5 and the Young People’s Ohjaamotalo on Lintuvaarantie. Low-threshold counseling services, such as the Young People’s Ohjaamotalo’s Starting Point, the Employment Service Marketplace, and the Immigrant Guidance Office that will open next year, can be found in the Iso Omena shopping center.

In addition to employment services, Espoo will offer health and social services to jobseekers. Jobseekers get opportunities to develop their skills, for example, in Omnia and Metropolia. Business services are provided by the Business Espoo business service network. Personal coaches meet jobseekers face to face and online. Recruitment events will also be organized as online events. Jobseekers will be supported by chat, telephone counseling, and electronic services.

Approximately 21,000 jobseekers will be directed to the Vantaa-Kerava municipal trial

From the beginning of 2021, employment services will be offered to jobseekers in Vantaa and Kerava under a common name: Vantaa and Kerava Employment Services. In January 2021, approximately 20,600 clients will become clients of the region's municipalities. For the municipal trial, less than one hundred employees will be obtained from TE Services, after which a total of 145 people will be carrying out various employment tasks in the Employment Services of Vantaa and Kerava in the municipal trial. About 80 of these are personal coaches. 

The Vantaa-Kerava municipal trial will serve customers in Vantaa, in the center of Tikkurila on Vernissakatu, where the TE Office is also located. Young People’s Ohjaamo is located nearby, on the other side of the railroad tracks on Lummetie, in the multi-purpose Young People’s Association premises. The Kerava service office is in Kauppalantalo on Aleksis Kiven tie, and the Kerava Ohjaamo’s premises are on the corner of the City Hall (Kauppakaari 11).

In the Vantaa-Kerava municipal trial, special emphasis is placed on individualized customer service and the initial stage of the customer's job search. Each client gets a personal coach with whom they can personally discuss their situation. The Employment Services of Vantaa and Kerava aims to reach young jobseekers in particular. It wants to offer them a hopeful view of the future and a path to either employment or education. Half of the clients in the pilot area are foreign language jobseekers. A new type of service offering is being developed for their special needs.

Nationwide project

The Municipal Employment Trial is a nationwide project that aims to transfer the responsibility for organizing part of the public employment services from the state to the trial municipalities and groups of municipalities. Municipal employment trials will be held from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2023. The start of the municipal trials requires the adoption of the Trials Act in Parliament during the rest of 2020.

Since the trial covers both individual municipalities and joint trial areas of several municipalities, the municipal trial speaks of trial areas. Of the municipalities in the Capital City Region, Helsinki and Espoo operate as their own pilot areas and Vantaa-Kerava as a joint pilot area. Elsewhere in Uusimaa, the experiment includes Raasepori-Hanko and Porvoo. A total of 26 pilot municipalities and areas were approved, and 125 municipalities are involved. Some municipalities and pilot areas applied to join during the autumn of 2020. These pilot areas that applied later will not start their municipal trial until 1 March 2021.

The government will outline a permanent structure for labor policy during the government term. 

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