Information to guardians with children in early childhood education 24.11.2020

The coronavirus epidemic has reached its community transmission phase in the metropolitan area. The metropolitan area municipalities and health authorities have together outlined that early childhood education and pre-primary education employees are recommended to wear face masks. Only adults are recommended to wear face masks. In Vantaa, this recommendation will enter into force as soon as the day-care centers have received the face masks.

Using a face mask helps to diminish exposure, the number of people quarantined as well as to prevent recurrent infections. In order to ensure the functioning of early childhood education services, we need a sufficient number of employees every day. Masks will preventively protect both our employees and the children.

At issue is a recommendation. We will still observe good hand and cough etiquette, social distancing, as well as operating in own groups. Early childhood education employees will discuss using the face mask with the children. We wish that you, guardians, could answer your children's potential questions in cooperation with our staff members.

Further information will be provided by your child's early childhood education place.

Best regards,

Vantaa Early Childhood Education Services

Published: 24.11.2020 
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