Martinlaakso and Hakunila participatory budgeting vote - 14 suggestions to be implemented

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Participatory budgeting has been going on in Hakunila and Martinlaakso districts during the fall, and it had its apex in the vote conducted in October - November. In the Our Hakunila and Our Martsari voting, the residents—ages 12 and over—chose which of the proposals earlier suggested by the residents would be implemented to develop the districts.

In both districts, the residents were allowed to decide on how to spend the allocated sum of €50,000. The proposal that reaped the most votes will be implemented, as well as the suggestion with the second biggest number of votes, etc., until the allocated sum of money is reached.

The projects that will be implemented in Hakunila are: a frisbee-golf course (€30,000), improved lighting (€15,000), and renewing the signs along Hakunila sport park’s nature trail (€5,000). One suggestion that received great many votes was to install swings and a climbing frame on the yard of Sotunki school. Nevertheless, the schoolyard proposal was so expensive that it amounted to the total budget; in order to have been chosen, the proposal should have reaped the most votes, which it did not, since it took the second place.

The projects to be carried out in Martinlaakso consist of the following: cleaning the mall and station areas (€700); establishing a bug-friendly meadow (€4,000); installing a group of tables in Koivikkopuisto (€1,200); installing more trash cans along Martinlaakso’s frequently used passegeways (€7,000) and in parks (€7,000); cleaning Laajavuori cliffs (€4,000); planting more trees and bushes along streets (€10,000); arranging park joga in Martinlaakso’s parks (€1,000); acquiring cultivation boxes for urban agriculture (€1,000); and adding flowerbeds (€8,000).

In the participatory budgeting voting, 226 Martinlaakso residents and 368 Hakunila residents cast their votes. Thus, the polling percentage was slightly below 4% in Hakunila and slightly above 2% in Martinlaakso. The percentages correspond to other participatory budgeting votes carried out in many other cities.

You can view the voting results in more detail online at: The winning proposals will be carried out in summer 2021.

The city is collecting feedback on implementing participatory budgeting by means of an online survey (in Finnish) that is available until December 8. In the survey, you can give feedback on the different project stages, as well as submit proposals for development. You can answer the survey, even if you did not participate in the Hakunila or Martinlaakso participatory budgeting or if you do not live in the areas in question.

“The participatory budgeting process has presented Vantaa with a fine opportunity to involve residents in developing the city in a totally novel way. We have received good experiences, and we wish to continue participatory budgeting also in the future,” says city engineer Henry Westlin.

Participatory budgeting will next take place in 2021 in Länsimäki, Mikkola and Havukoski. Participatory budgeting projects will be implemented as part of the positive special treatment program.

Published: 24.11.2020 
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