Updated instructions for relatives and friends visiting customers at special housing units

The coronavirus situation has rapidly worsened in the HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) area, which is why it has been necessary to specify instructions for visits. These updated instructions will be valid as of November 30, 2020.

These visiting instructions will be applied, to the extent possible, to nursing homes, service houses, and housing units for the disabled. All special housing units have customers who belong to a risk group because of their age or an illness.

  • One friend or relative or customer at a time can come for a visit: however, at max. three visitors / service unit (the earlier restriction was 1-3 visitors).
  • Visitors must try to keep a two-meter distance to the customer.
  • Visitors shall agree on the duration of the visit with the staff. Visitors are hoped to keep their visit short—for example, 15 minutes—in order to reduce the risk of contagion.
  • Visits shall be agreed in advance. A friend or relative will be given good instructions for a safe visit, for instance by phone, before they come to visit the customer.
  • Visitors can only come, when they are healthy and have no symptoms.
  • The friend or relative shall observe good hand hygiene and wear a surgical face mask during the visit.
  • The staff will instruct and help the friend or relative in observing good hand hygiene as well as in wearing a face mask, if necessary.
  • The friend or relative shall keep a two-meter distance to other residents and to members of the staff.
  • The friend or relative may not unnecessarily move around on joint premises; they shall go directly to the customer’s room or to another meeting place.
  • The staff will instruct the friend or relative to ask for help over the phone or with the customer’s safety wristband, when required.
  • Visits must, nevertheless, always be allowed with critically sick patients and with those in terminal care. Implementing these visits will always be separately agreed together with the unit supervisor.
  • If coronavirus cases have been detected in a unit, it may be necessary to temporarily ban visits, until the risk is deemed to have passed.

We continue to recommend that alternative meeting places be utilized, for instance, yard meetings, videoconferencing, etc. A driver is being sought for the City of Vantaa’s meeting vehicle. As the coronavirus situation keeps on worsening, we recommend that our customers minimize their short home visits and also otherwise reduce their contacts. Unit supervisors will provide additional information on visiting instructions.

Good and open cooperation, as well as observing the instructions, are of crucial importance in the current situation. Thank you for helping us to keep our customers and patients safe.

Published: 2.12.2020 
(modified: )