City council discussed social and health services for Vantaa residents

In its meeting on December 14, the city council entered the social and patient agent's report on the 2019 and 2020 operating years for information. The social and patient agent is an independent actor whose work is based on the Act on the Status and Rights of Social Welfare Clients.

In 2019, Vantaa's social and patient agent received around 2,000 contacts. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has been manifested in an increase in the number of questions concerning the legality of the restrictions and recommendations given. Before the coronavirus epidemic, contacts with social welfare were mostly about elderly care. Compared with previous years, the number of questions about minimum income diminished. Contacts with health care were mostly about accessing services.

The coronavirus epidemic has increased the care debt, that is, the number of uncared healthcare cases, and the deadlines set for specialized-care treatment guarantee are surpassed throughout the country. A few contacts have been made due to the hacking of Psychotherapy Center Vastaamo in late 2020. Overall, issues related to data protection have been repeatedly present in the social and patient agent’s reports over the past twenty years.

Monitoring land-use and housing-policy guidelines

The monitoring report on land-use and housing-policy guidelines — also entered for information — aroused a lot of discussion, as well as a protocol statement. Vantaa aims at a long-term and functional land-use and housing policy that dictates the city’s growth. Vantaa wants to ensure social integrity in all its regions, as well as to create preconditions for business and growth in the number of jobs. Most of all, the city strives to ensure sufficient, versatile, and affordable housing production.

The land-use and housing-policy guidelines are based on the city's operating principles — ratified earlier and currently used — that were combined into a mutually supportive package.

The goals and target states of the guidelines are aligned with the principles decided in the council term strategy. Examples of them consist of carbon-neutral Vantaa by 2030; compacting the city while treasuring local nature; promoting the residents’ wellbeing; increasing the city’s viability and attractiveness; as well as ensuring balanced economy.

Choosing the chief city auditor was left on the table

The city council decided to leave fulfilling the vacancy of the chief city auditor on the table. An external audit of the selection process will be made, which is related to the process itself, not to the person proposed for selection.

City Council ratified the following local detailed plans:

Hämeenkylä, Santamäentie 15: the former bus turnaround place and light-traffic road as well as part of other street areas will be turned into three lots designated as one-family houses.

Veromies, southern Annefred: urban city blocks for around 1,200 residents, multipurpose house Atomi, park areas, as well as street and square areas will be placed in the area.

Published: 17.12.2020 
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