Compulsory education extended to apply to all under-18-year-olds - welcome to hear about the reform

A new compulsory education act is applied to those in the 9th grade this spring. In the future, compulsory education ends,

  • when a young person has his/her 18th birthday


  • he/she finishes upper secondary education degree (matriculation examination or vocational degree).

The aim of the reform is that more young people finish upper secondary education degree. The extended compulsory education does not apply to present upper secondary education students.

Come and hear about the extended compulsory education reform in Vantaa

We are arranging an open info event for those interested in extended compulsory education on February 3, 2021, at 17:00-18:00 by remote access. Present at the event are Katri Kalske, mayor of education and learning department; Ari Ranki, director of upper secondary education; Anders Vikström, director of swedish services and Eeva Ahtee, expert of upper secondary education.

New rights and obligations for students

Extended compulsory education will bring new obligations for the young and their guardians. In the future, young people ending basic education are obliged to apply for upper secondary education in joint application. Students finishing basic education have basically the same options of choosing their education as before, and they can apply for the education of their choice in joint application.

Study materials will primarily remain free of charge until a student has his/her 20th birthday. Students are given free-of-charge tools and materials necessary for their degree. For example, study books, tools and matriculation exams will be free of charge. However, education focusing on special subjects may cause costs for the students.

Free-of-charge education applies to students that are currently in basic education 9th grade. Extended compulsory education does not apply to present upper secondary education students, which means that their education will not become free of charge, but will continue as usual.

Vantaa’s work on the matter

Vantaa is preparing extended compulsory education and specifics related to free-of-charge studying will be specified at a later stage. Upper secondary education service area is responsible for Vantaa’s extended compulsory education.

More information is available on the Ministry of Education and Culture’s website at:

Published: 22.1.2021 
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