Coronavirus vaccinations in Vantaa have progressed well

Coronavirus vaccinations in Vantaa have progressed well, and we now have administered about 5,000 vaccines. Appointments for vaccinations will be given based on the availability of vaccines. At the moment, we are giving booster shots to those who were vaccinated in the first stage. The rest of the vaccines available this week will be targeted at Vantaa residents aged 80 and older. We do not yet know how many vaccines we will receive in the coming weeks, which is why the schedule for transferring to the next vaccination group is not currently known.

In addition to Vantaa residents aged 80 and over this year, we are also vaccinating over-65-year-olds living in the same household. Note! A separate appointment must be made for them by phone.

We kindly ask you to primarily make an appointment online at: or by calling 09 839 50090 and leaving a call-back request (on Mon-Fri at 8:00-15:00). When vaccines are available, you can make an online appointment or leave a call-back request. When vaccines are unavailable, the online appointment service displays no appointment times and you cannot leave a call-back request at the phone service; there will a recording that urges you to call back later. Appointment times will be opened as soon as vaccines become available, so be sure to try to make the appointment again at a later time. In order not to overload the line and to make it possible for those in the vaccination target group to be able to make an appointment , the phone number is only meant for the target group’s appointments, not for any other inquiries.

You can make a coronavirus appointment by phone only by calling the coronavirus appointment service, so please do not contact any other City of Vantaa phone numbers or services such as health services, in order not to overload the services.

General information and advice related to coronavirus and coronavirus vaccinations is available on the National Institute for Health and Welfare’s (THL) phone counseling, tel. 0295 535 535 (on weekdays at 8:00-21:00 and on Saturdays at 9:00-15:00). Note! You cannot make a vaccination appointment at the number.

Vantaa applies the national vaccination order, and everybody wanting to take the vaccine will have it in their turn. Follow the progress of vaccinations in Vantaa and your own vaccination turn: In addition, the latest coronavirus vaccination bulletin is always available on the frontpage of

Published: 2.2.2021 
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