Year 2020 participatory budgeting projects implemented – lighting and signs in Hakunila, and trashcans in Martinlaakso

trashcan in Martinlaakso

In the fall of 2020, participatory budgeting was carried out in Martinlaakso and Hakunila whose residents got to decide how to develop the areas with a sum of €50,000. The measures chosen by the residents have been implemented in the course of 2021.

The most recent project was installing a waste container for hazardous waste right next to Martinlaakso social and health center, as well as trashcans along Kukinpolku, Laajaniityntie, and Jokiuomanpuisto in Martinlaakso.

In Hakunila, new lights were installed in Nissbackanpuisto playground and the signs along Hakunila sports park were renewed. Some of the signs remain uninstalled, but they will be installed in the course of 2022.

After this, the remaining participatory budgeting measures to be taken are cleaning part of Martinlaakso station area and finalizing Hakunila’s frisbee-golf course.

Enhanced cleaning of Martinlaakso station area has been started and will be completed already during the rest of this year. Likewise, the frisbee-golf course built near Hakunila sports park is all but finished; for example, all the 18 baskets along the course have been installed. The throwing places, nevertheless, remain unbuilt, but will be completed in spring 2022. Those who wish can already use the course.

Earlier this year, cultivation boxes were brought to Martinlaakso, flowers and cherry trees were planted, a picnic setup was installed, and park yoga was arranged.

Read more about chosen projects in Hakunila and chosen projects in Martinlaakso on the website.

Published: 22.12.2021 
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