Health and Social Welfare Department

Health and Social Welfare Department

In Vantaa, the health and social welfare department is responsible for arranging social and health services. The education department administers day-care and early childhood education services.

In addition, the group and citizen services department provides social services promoting the well-being and employment of the long-term unemployed. Cross-departmental cooperation on arranging services is of great importance, because together we can achieve much more.

Even though the city produces the majority of the services itself, some are bought from the private sector and other communities, such as health care, substance abuse, child welfare foster care services, and housing services for the elderly.

Cooperation with organizations and businesses is a given. The city closely supervises the quality of its outsourced services.

Contact information

Address: Peltolantie 2 D, 01300 Vantaa.
Postal address: Kirjaamo, PL 1100, 01030 Vantaa

Deputy Mayor Jukka T. Salminen, tel. 09 839 22800, jukka.t.salminen(at)
Secterary Minna Pirinen, tel. 09 839 23790

Health services: director Piia Vuorela, tel. 09 839 22564

Family services: director Anna Cantell-Forsbom, tel. 09 839 23640

Elderly and disabled: director Minna Lahnalampi-Lahtinen, tel. 09 839 20028

Administration and economy: director Ari Toiva, tel. 09 83924290