School Health Care

School health care is meant for all students in basic school. Each school has a school nurse of its own; you can go and meet the school nurse also without an advance appointment.

Guardians can contact the school nurse in all matters related to children's health. Appointments with school doctors are made by school nurses.

School and student health care helpline will serve as of November 25, 2020

School and student health care helpline serves elementary school children, students and their families regarding health and welfare matters. You can call the helpline, tel. 09 8395 0025, on Monday-Friday at 8:00-15:00.

School health care 2020-2021 School year

School health care, student welfare and other actors support students and their families as usual at the beginning of the school year. You can always contact the school nurse in any concerns you may have about a student.

During the spring 2020 coronavirus pandemic, health checks were carried out by phone and video, and when required, students were asked to make an appointment with a student nurse or doctor. When students returned to contact instruction, we ensured that all lacking vaccinations have been given. If school health care did not contact your family last school year or if you are concerned about a student, please contact your own school health nurse.

During the current school year, the school nurse will meet all students at least once, in connection with regular health checks. School nurse’s and doctor’s comprehensive medical examinations are given to students in grades 1, 5 and 8.

We recommend that only one guardian comes to the health checks for students in grades 1, 5 and 8. For other health checks, we will ask the students to come alone. The guardians can, however, participate in all the health checks by remote access.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, only healthy children, young persons and families may come to appointments. If a student or a person accompanying him/her has flu symptoms, the appointment will be postponed or conducted by remote access to the extent applicable. Remember to observe hygiene instructions whenever you visit school health care premises.

You can also contact school health care during vacations: fall, Christmas, winter and summer vacation. We will inform about the ways of contacting before the beginning of vacations.

A new item in the school year is the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccinations for boys, which we have separately informed about.

Seasonal flu vaccination will be given to those belonging to the risk groups due to their illness at the school as of week 46. A separate notice of this will be sent to students’ homes in September.

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Seasonal flu vaccinations for basic-school-age children belonging in risk groups in the 2020-2021 season

Basic-school-age children belonging in the risk groups are entitled to get a free-of-charge seasonal flu vaccination through school health care. Please note that school health care will only vaccinate students belonging in the risk groups. Health centers will vaccinate other students and family members.
Seasonal flu vaccinations will be given as of week 46.
Make an appointment for the seasonal flu vaccination for your child belonging in the risk groups by calling the school nurse.

Medical examination once per school year

The school nurse meets each student at least once per school year in connection with fixed-term medical examinations where the student's state of health is checked and issues related to his or her growth, development and wellbeing are charted. The medical examinations also provide the students with health counseling and discuss issues related to their health.

Comprehensive medical examinations

A comprehensive medical examination, which includes a school doctor's examination, is conducted in grades 1, 5, and 8. The students' parents are invited to participate in these examinations. Comprehensive medical examinations are also conducted in schools in the summertime.

Sickness and accidents

If a student falls ill during the school day, he or she can see the school nurse without having to make an advance appointment. Likewise, if a student has an accident, he or she will get first aid at the school and, when required, be referred to further treatment.

When a student falls ill or has an accident at school, the school always tries to contact the guardians.

Note! A sick child must not be sent to school; the parents are responsible for arranging care for the child. Families are responsible for the medical examinations and treatment of students' illnesses and leisure-time accidents.

Dental care for schoolchildren

Oral Health Care services constitute part of school health care, and they are free for charge for all under-18-year-olds. All children in grades 1, 3, 5, and 8 will be invited to an oral health check at a dental clinic. Children in other grades will receive treatment according to their individual needs. The students’ need for orthodontics will be assessed in the 3rd grade. An oral hygienist or dentist performs the oral health check. Please fill in the medical history before coming to the oral health check. Guardians are welcome to the dental clinic.

Prevention and support for everyday school attendance

School health care aims to promote students' growth, development, health and welfare, as well as to support guardians in their upbringing tasks.

The core goal of student-welfare work is preventive work and early support. Student welfare work is always implemented in cooperation with the students and their guardians.