Student health care

The aim of student health care is to boost a young person's own resources. Student health care encourages students to take care of their health, helps them move forward in different life situations, and supports their studying.

Student health care services are targeted at students at high schools, 10th-graders, upper secondary education institutions, and universities of applied sciences.

You can come to the nurse's appointment without an advance appointment during the on-call hours, or make an appointment by phone or e-mail.

School and Student Health Care services during the coronavirus epidemic

Transacting with School and Student Health Care will, to the extent possible, take place over the phone or video appointments.

  • Conscription-related preliminary health checks will be continued.
  • Students at social and health care educational institutions will be given the necessary checks and vaccinations.
  • Other appointments made with the nurse and school doctor of the educational institution will primarily be conducted over the phone: only when necessary will the student be asked to come to an appointment on the spot.
  • Other school and student health care appointments will be conducted to the extent allowed by the resources.
  • If you need school or student health care services, contact the nurse of your own school / educational institution.

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Medical examinations

Nurses give medical examinations to first-year and second-year students and, when required, to students of other classes as well. At the beginning of the first study year, students at universities of applied sciences are given a health inquiry on the basis of which they are invited to medical examinations.

Medical examinations for conscripts

Conscript-age students in Vantaa's educational institutions take their medical examination at the institution where they are studying. The nurses invite the students to preliminary medical examination and then make an appointment with a doctor. Also medical examinations conducted by doctors take place in the students' own educational institutions.

Medical treatment to students

Medical treatment to students in Vantaa is arranged at the students' local health centers. Students who are not permanent residents of Vantaa can seek medical treatment at health centers in the vicinity of their educational institutions or at health centers in their own municipalities.

In urgent cases students can go to the local health center (on weekdays: from 8:00 to 16:00) or to health center on-call service (at other times).

Foreign students' right to treatment

A foreign student studying in Finland is covered by student health care.

Student health care includes:

  • Monitoring and promoting students' health, welfare and study abilities. This includes two periodic medical examinations for students of upper secondary schools and vocational institutions, as well as medical examinations for all students according to individual needs.
  • Arranging medical care and treatment to students, including mental-health and substance-abuse work, sexual-health promotion and oral health care
  • Early identification of students' need for special support or tests, supporting students, and, when required, referral to follow-up tests or care
  • If the domicile of a foreign student is Vantaa, his or her health-care fees are the same as those of permanent Vantaa residents. The domicile of a student moving from abroad is his or her district of residence, provided that studying lasts for at least 2 years.

Students coming from the E.U./E.E.A. countries or from Switzerland are entitled to the same health-care fees as Vantaa students. The right to treatment is verified with a European Health Insurance Card, EHIC. Free-of-charge student health care services are also free-of-charge for students coming from the above-mentioned countries.

A student coming from outside the E.U. must have a sickness insurance already when coming to Finland for studying, if his or her studies in Finland last for more than three months. The insurance is a precondition for student health care services. Otherwise, the student is entitled to only first aid and urgent medical treatment. If the studies last for less than two years, the insurance must cover medical costs of €10,000. If the studies last for at least two years, the insurance must cover medical costs of €30,000. The students pay the realized costs of all services.

Students coming from Quebec, Canada, get the services with the same customer fees as residents upon presenting the Q/SF4 form.