Rent compensations for businesses and communities

The current coronavirus situation has hindered the activities of businesses and communities operating on the city's premises or lots. Vantaa has decided to grant rent relief to businesses and communities. As regards business premises leased by the city and rents for land, businesses and communities will be granted rent exemption for April 1 - May 31, 2020.

The precondition for exemption is, among other things, that the business or its field is restricted by a decision by authorities or that the restriction and its impact are significant.

When assessing rent exemption for communities, the operating grants paid by the city in 2019-2020 will be accounted for.

Businesses whose operations have been suspended—such as restaurants and cafés—will automatically receive rent relief for premises. They do not have to submit a separate application for rent relief for premises. In case the City of Vantaa has receivables from a business or community, the relief will not be granted. According to the city's earlier outline, postponement of rent agreed because of the coronavirus pandemic is no hinder to the grant.

Organizations that are the city’s leaseholders and businesses that have rented a lot from the city may apply for rent compensation. The application shall list the impacts that the authorities’ restrictions, related to the epidemic, have had on business operations.

Free-form applications shall be delivered by June 15, 2020, to the City of Vantaa Registry (link: Registry's contact information). The business’ or community's year 2019 profit and loss statement and balance sheet shall be attached to the application. The documents do not have to be authorized; the current situation is sufficient.

Further information is provided by

rents for premises: Sari Lindqvist,

rents for lots: Armi Vähä-Piikkiö

Julkaistu: 27.4.2020 
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