Returning to Early Education and preschool starting on 14 May 2020 from the perspective of at-risk groups

According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), serious illness from coronavirus is very rare in children, and its risk has not increased for healthy children or young people, or those whose underlying condition is under optimal care. Children whose underlying condition causes an increased risk for serious infections otherwise, also, are in an at-risk group for serious coronavirus infection.

Early Education:

The guardian will decide about the child’s participation in early education starting on 14 May 2020.

If a child or a family member is in an at-risk group, the guardian can assess together with the treating physician, if necessary, regarding the child’s return to early education. It is not necessary to deliver a doctor’s statement to early education. The guardian is to notify the early education location of the child’s absence.


Preschool is to be participated in starting 14 May 2020 if the child or a family member is not part of an at-risk group.

The university hospitals, in cooperation with THL, have compiled a list of illnesses that the child that has them is considered to be in an at-risk group to become seriously ill if infected by the coronavirus.

If there is a family member in the child’s family who is in an at-risk group

THL has compiled a list of illnesses that may increase the danger of serious coronavirus infection for adults.

If a family member of a preschool aged child is part of an at-risk group and the guardian wishes that the child not participate in on-site education because of this, the guardian is to apply for an absence from the day care center director. There is no need for a doctor’s statement.

In Albanian: Kthimi në arsimin e hershëm dhe parashkollor nga 14.5.2020 sipas këndvështrimit të grupeve më të rrezikuara
In Arabic: العودة إلى الدوام بالتربية المبكرة والتعليم التمهيدي اعتباراً من 2020.5.14 من زاوية رؤية المجموعات الحساسة:
In Somali: Dib ugu laabashada barbaarinta hore iyo waxbarashada hore laga bilaabo 14.5.2020, marka laga eego dhanka kooxda u nugul halista cudurrada
In Russian: О возвращении в учреждения дошкольного воспитания и дошкольного обучения 14.05.2020 с точки зрения лиц, находящихся в группе риска
In Estonian: Lasteaeda ja eelkooli naasmine alates 14.5.2020 riskirühmade vaatekohast

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