Face mask recommendation for secondary school pupils (grades 7-9)

The City of Vantaa recommends that secondary school pupils use face masks in school starting on November 23rd 2020. It is also recommended to use masks in public transportation.

The pupils will receive 4 masks/day from the school. The school will give instructions on how the masks are distributed. The pupils are responsible for carrying enough masks.

The masks should be kept in a clean and closed plastic bag. Pupils can use their own masks if they want. This is a recommendation, and using face masks is not compulsory. However, we encourage pupils to wear masks in order to efficiently prevent the Covid 19-virus from spreading.

Face mask instructions

Wear the mask before arriving at school. Change to a new mask if you remove your mask or it gets wet or dirty. Wash or disinfect your hands before putting on the mask. Put your used mask in the mixed waste.

More information about the usage of masks can be found on the health authorities website (THL)

Join the #maskigäng-campaign: https://www.hus.fi/en/maskigang

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Julkaistu: 20.11.2020 
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