Notification on 11 December 2020 to students, guardians, and personnel in regard to continuation of remote education

At its meeting on 10 December 2020, the Capital City Region Coronavirus Coordination Group has determined that secondary education will continue in remote education until 08.01.2021. According to current information, the return to on-site teaching will be returned to on Monday, January 11, 2021. The needs of the necessary on-site teaching will be secured. On-site teaching is offered, for example, for students with special needs and who need individual support for various reasons. The principals of the educational institutions will decide on a case-by-case basis on the necessary on-site teaching.

The additional basic education study groups connected to the Tikkurila, Lumo, and Vaskivuori Upper Secondary Schools will start the spring semester in on-site teaching. Face masks will be available for students in additional basic education.

Practice of prom dances will start as on-site teaching on Monday 11 January 2021. The decision to organize prom dances in February will be made in the Upper Secondary School Group of the Capital City Region on 15 January 2021. If prom dances cannot be held in February, then the dances will be postponed to a later date. The decision on the organization of “benchpressing” will also be made on 15 January 2021 in the Upper Secondary School Group of the Capital City Region.

The rector of Varia Vocational College will inform students, guardians, and personnel about Varia's teaching arrangements.

There is no meal service available for students in educational institutions on the working days when the studying is carried out remotely. Students are entitled to a free meal on the working days on which the curriculum requires attendance at the educational institution (Law on Vocational Education of 11 August 2017/531, § 100, Act on General Upper Secondary Education of 10 August 2018, § 35). When the student is present at the educational institution, either hot food will be offered, or the student can pick up a box lunch from a place specifically appointed by the educational institution.

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