Also 6th-graders recommended to wear face masks

The City of Vantaa recommends that also sixth-graders in elementary schools wear face masks at school as of January 13, 2021. This recommendation is based on The National Institute for Health and Welfare’s (THL) updated face-mask recommendation for citizens. Thus, the face-mask recommendation also applies to elementary school students as of the sixth grade.

The students will receive 4 face masks / day at the school. The schools will inform how the face masks are distributed. The students themselves shall ensure that they have a sufficient number of face masks at their disposal. The students are instructed to carry the face masks in a clean, sealable plastic bag. The students are also free to wear their own face masks, if they so wish.

At issue is a recommendation: wearing a face mask is not mandatory. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend wearing a face mask in order to efficiently prevent the COVID-19 epidemic from spreading.

Instructions for wearing a face mask

Put on the face mask before entering the school. Replace the face mask with a new one, if you take it off for a while, or if the face mask becomes wet or dirty. Wash or disinfect your hands always before you put a face mask on. Put used face masks in a mixed-waste container. The school will go through the instructions with the students.

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Julkaistu: 12.1.2021 
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