Upper secondary education continues in distance learning

The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group outlined in its meeting on January 27, 2021, that high schools’ first- and second-class students remain in distance learning till the end of the third period, including the final week. The fourth period begins on February 10, 2021.

Vocational education will continue in distance learning until February 28, 2021. The instructional arrangements will ensure that the students are able to take parts of degrees and degrees in different learning environments as required (online education, educational institution, and workplace).

Necessary contact instruction needs will be satisfied. Contact instruction will be offered to, among others, students in special-needs education and students needing individual support for a variety of reasons. Principals of high schools will decide on required contact instruction on a case-specific basis. The principal of vocational college Varia will inform the students, guardians and faculty of Varia’s instructional arrangements.

The coordination group will next week assess the need to continue distance learning.

Basic education remedial education groups in connection with Tikkurila, Lumo and Vaskivuori high schools will continue in contact instruction. The educational institutions offer face masks to basic education remedial education students.

Julkaistu: 28.1.2021 
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