Tikkurilankoski open to fishers – first fish transplanting completed

Vantaa has a new, fine and urban fishing place now that Tikkurilankoski has been opened for fishing.

The Tikkurilankoski fishing license totals around 400 meters, beginning above Kuninkaalantie bridge and ending in Heureka pool.

In addition, there is a new joint license for the fishing season just begun that comprises Tikkurilankoski, Vantaankoski, as well as all other water bodies administered by the city of Vantaa. In other words, if you acquire a fishing permit for Vantaakoski and Tikkurilankoski, you are also allowed to fish in other Vantaa’s water bodies in the Vantaa and Kerava rivers as well as in marine areas. You can buy the permit, for instance, at Tikkurila Vantaa Info. Fishers ages 18-64 must also have paid the national fisheries management fee.

The City of Vantaa fishing license — cheaper than the joint Vantaankoski and Tikkurilankoski license — entitles you to fish in Vantaa's water bodies with the exception of Tikkurilankoski and Vantaankoski.

Lots of catch-size rainbow trout will be transplanted in Tikkurilankoski and Vantaankoski during the fishing season. The first fish were transplanted on May Day eve, April 30.

Intensified fishing supervision will take place in both of the popular rapids to ensure that fishers have appropriate licenses and that they observe the fishing regulations. Both the license for Tikkurilankoski and Vantaankoski and the City of Vantaa fishing license entitle fishers to use one fishing rod at a time and to catch at max. two salmon (trout, salmon, grayling) for food per day. Please note that wild (adipose-fin) trout is a prohibited species all around Finland to the south of 64°00'N, which means that if you catch any of these individuals, you must immediately return them to water. In order to protect the spawn of trout and salmon, wading in the rapids areas is forbidden from October 1 to May 31.

More information on fishing, licenses and fishing regulations is available online at www.vantaa.fi/kalastus, as well as on Vantaan kalavesikartta. Remember to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations always before starting to fish.

Come and enjoy nature and responsible fishing in Vantaa's fishing grounds!

Julkaistu: 3.5.2021 
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