Telephone counseling regarding the Coronavirus has opened for residents of Vantaa on Thursday, 5 March

Telephone counseling regarding the Coronavirus has opened

Vantaa has started a coronavirus counseling telephone service at midday on 5 March for residents.

The service is meant of everyone in Vantaa who is wondering about how coronavirus affects their everyday life. The telephone service also serves persons who think they have been exposed to coronavirus or who think they have been infected by it because of their symptoms.

The number of the new counseling service is +358 (0)9 8395 0070. There is service for residents of Vantaa at the telephone number from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

”The coronavirus situation in Vantaa is quiet at this time. However, because it is a question of a new virus and its spread raises concern in our citizen, we want to open a new channel through which we can be contacted already now,” says Director of Health Services Pia Vuorela. “The new contact number will also ease the burden on the health service telephone service.”

After 4:00 PM and on weekends, residents of Vantaa can receive counseling regarding matters related to coronavirus from Emergency Assistance, tel. 116 117.

A telephone call to the coronavirus counseling service costs the same as a normal telephone call.

If making a telephone call is not possible for some reason, you also have the possibility of sending e-mail to regarding coronavirus matters. The fastest way to make contact, however, is by calling.

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