The Government changed its outline: All 1st-3rd-graders can get contact instruction, but are still strongly recommended to participate in distance learning if all possible

The Government’s decree on the matter was changed on March 20. As of Monday, March 23, all basic education 1st-3rd-graders can get also contact instruction, when required. Under these exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus situation, contact instruction was first limited to those students whose guardians work in jobs critical for the functioning of society.

Even after this change in the outline, there is no obligation to go to school: also 1st-3rd-graders are strongly recommended to participate in distance learning, if at all possible.

On Monday, March 23, all schools will provide instruction from 9:00 to 13:00. The schools’ principals will inform about instructional arrangements as of Tuesday, March 24. Students in contact instruction will have school meals as usual.

Guardians area sked to notify the school via Wilma whether the child attends contact or distance instruction for the duration of the emergency powers act:

  1. Distance instruction “Approved absence, reason: distance instruction”,
  2. Illness, does not participate in distance or contact instruction ”Approved absence, reason: illness”
  3. In case of no notification of approved absence, the school will assume that the child participates in contact teaching.

Please contact your school’s principal if you change your child’s attendance preference on good grounds during the period of the emergency powers act.

We will continue to follow the Government's outlines and revise the city's instructions in case of any changes.

In Albanian: Qeveria ndryshoi politikën e saj: Të gjithë nxënësit e interesuar nga klasat 1-3 mund të vijnë në shkollën e tyre
In Arabic:: تغيير في مخطط الحكومة: بإمكان جميع الراغبين من تلاميذ الصفوف الآول والثاني والثالث حضور الحصص الدراسية في المدارس
In Russian:: Правительство изменило свою политику: все ученики 1-3 классов могут по желанию приходить на занятия
In Estonian: Valitsus muutis juhiseid: kõik 1.-3. klasside õpilased võivad soovi korral tulla kooli lähiõppesse

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