Notice to guardians, April 30, 2020

The Government decided on April 29 to cancel the restrictions set for early childhood education and basic education.

Vantaa Education and Learning Department is prepared for students in basic education and in 10th class (basic education remedial education) returning to contact instruction on May 14, 2020. Decisions on the situation of students in preparatory training for general upper secondary education (Luva) and those in training preparing for basic vocational education VALMA will be made at a later stage.

We will ensure the safety of children and the young as, well as the safety of our employees in accordance with the instructions given by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

When the instructions for national practical arrangements have been made, we will inform about Vantaa’s arrangements as soon as possible.

Compliant with the Government guidelines, normal absence practices will remain in force.

A doctor will assess participation in contact instruction of those students belonging in risk groups

Julkaistu: 30.4.2020 
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