Bulletin, november 27, 2020, to students, guardians and staff members on adopting distance learning

The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group stated on its meeting on November 26, 2020, that secondary education will transfer to distance learning until December 31, 2020. Necessary contact instruction needs will be satisfied. Contact instruction will be offered to, among others, students in special-needs education and students needing individual support for a variety of reasons. Principals of educational institutions will decide on required contact instruction on a case-specific basis.

Finnish speaking high schools will adopt distance learning as of December 2. The final week of the second study unit, November 30-December 1, will be arranged normally; however, the schedules for the final week will be spaced out. Helsinge gymnasium will adopt distance learning as of December 3. High schools will inform about their more specific arrangements.

Basic education remedial education groups at Tikkurila, Lumo and Vaskivuori high schools will continue at class-room education. Face mask will be provided to these pupils.

The earlier guideline for arranging the fall graduation celebrations has changed: to the extent possible, the fall graduation celebrations will take place virtually. Graduates can fetch their certificate from their educational institution on Friday, December 4. High schools will inform about their more specific arrangements.

Practicing for the senior dance will begin by strict observation of safety instructions. The metropolitan area high-school team will decide on arranging the senior dance in February on January 15, 2021. If the senior dance cannot be arranged in February, it will be postponed to a later date.

Vantaa Vocational College Varia will adopt distance learning on November 30. Vantaa Vocational College Varia will inform the students and their guardians of the plans in more detail.

Students will not be provided with meals at the educational institutions on the days studying takes place as distance learning. Students are entitled to a free-of-charge meal on the days when the curriculum requires that they be present at the educational institution (Act on Vocational Education 11.8.2017/531, § 100, Act on General Upper Secondary Education 10.8.2018, § 35). When a student is present at the educational institution, they can choose eat-in warm food option or pick up the lunch package at the place separately designated by the educational institution.

The aim is to begin the spring term in contact instruction. Information on the matter will be given by December 31.

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