Coronavirus vaccinations in Vantaa progress in stages

Vantaa began to vaccinate employees caring for patients infected with coronavirus in week 1 and residents and employees at nursing homes for the elderly in week 2. According to preliminary estimate, the first vaccination round of these groups will be finished by the end of week 3. After this, Vantaa will vaccinate in stages the elderly and the people vaccinated for the first time in the first vaccination round.

Vantaa will mail an information letter about beginning the coronavirus vaccinations to all Vantaa residents ages 70 and over. The information letter will be mailed in stages per age groups, and the first recipients will be Vantaa residents ages 80 and over. The letter will inform about, among other things, appointments and schedules for the coronavirus vaccinations. The first letters will be sent this week.

The beginning of the coronavirus vaccinations will also be informed in local media such as Vantaan Sanomat, and up-to-date information will be available online at:

Appointments for coronavirus vaccination

When vaccinations for the population begin, Vantaa residents can make an appointment for the vaccination primarily through the coronavirus appointment system or through a separate appointment phone number. The appointment service will open in week 4. At the moment, appointments can only be reserved for one week ahead. You cannot make an appointment through Apotti’s Maisa application.

Home care customers will be vaccinated during home care's home visits, when vaccinations suitable for this purpose are acquired. This will potentially occur in February. Home care customers do not have to make an appointment for the vaccination: home care employees will agree on the vaccination with the customers.

In order to make the vaccinations as flexible as possible, we recommend that as many people as possible make an appointment as soon as vaccinations for their own age group begin. If you cannot for some reason immediately make an appointment, you can do it later.

At the moment, Vantaa receives 1,000-1,5000 vaccines per week. More detailed vaccination schedules are updated whenever up-to-date information on the number of vaccines available is received.

Julkaistu: 20.1.2021 
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