In addition to the elderly, Vantaa now vaccinates 50—69-year-olds belonging to risk groups

Updated February 19, 2021: 60—69-year-olds -> 50—69-year-olds

Vantaa is currently primarily vaccinating two different groups with two different vaccines. The AstraZeneca vaccine is given to 50—69-year-olds who face an exceptionally severe coronavirus risk because of their state of health (list below), whereas the BioNTechPfizer Comirnaty vaccine is given to people who are 80 years old and older this year. Vaccinations to customers of home care also began in week 6.

The number of vaccines available for the two risk groups differs, which is why there are differences in the numbers of vaccination appointments for the two groups. At the moment, there are plenty of vaccination times available to those in the risk groups; appointments can be made both online and over the phone. Make an online vaccination appointment at: or leave a call-back request, tel. 09 839 50090 (on Mon-Fri: 8:00-15:00).

According to the national guidelines, the AstraZeneca vaccine is not applicable to under-18-year-olds nor 70-year-olds and older, which is why it is given to under 70-year-old adults belonging to a coronavirus risk group due to their state of health. The risk group consisting of persons at risk of a coronavirus disease due to their state of health is phased based on age; at the moment, Vantaa is vaccinating 50—69-year-olds. All 70–80-year-olds will be vaccinated in the order of their age group with BioNTechPfizer's Comirnaty vaccine. We will inform about this group's more specific vaccination time at a later time.

In addition to Vantaa residents aged 80 and over this year, we are also vaccinating over-65-year-olds living in the same household. A separate appointment must be made for their vaccination. At the moment, they can only make a vaccination appointment by phone. People living in the same household with 50—69-year-olds belonging in a risk group cannot come to the vaccination, unless they belong to the current vaccination group. The vaccination right of the people belonging to a risk group will be checked at the vaccination point, for example, with a Kela card or other treatment-related documents.

Vantaa opened last week its second vaccination point, which is situated in Hiekkaharju, street address: Tennistie 1. Vantaa's first vaccination point continues to operate in Sanomala, street address: Sanomatie 1, entrance from the Vantaankoski railway station’s side.


A disease or condition posing an extremely high risk of a coronavirus disease:

  • Organ or stem-cell transfer
  • Cancer in active treatment
  • Severe immune system disorder
  • Severe chronic kidney disease
  • Severe chronic lung disease
  • Medically treated type 2 diabetes
  • Down syndrome (adults)

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