Welcome to a Vantaa basic school

Compulsory education begins the year a child has his or her seventh birthday. Children born in 2008 start school attendance at the beginning of the 2015 fall term, and their basic education will last for nine years. A notification of compulsory education will be mailed to a new student's home address when the matter becomes topical.

Vantaa is divided into three school-admissions areas, and basic-education district managers designate each child a place in a school in the child's own district, that is, in the child's local school. The school closest to the child's home is not necessarily the child's local school. If a child attends a basic school with grades 1-9, he or she does not have to move to another school when transferring to grade 7. No separate notification is required when a student transfers to junior high school: a notification of the student's new school will be mailed to his or her home address.

Application forms for intensified instruction and bilingual instruction