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Questions about Early Childhood Education?

Early Childhood Education's customer services is expanding to Vantaa Info as of September 25.

Perjantai 22.9.2017

Aviapolis for everyone

International airport experts gathered to envision Aviapolis’s prospects for development. Professor Max Hirsh tells us what a successful airport city is made of. Aviapolis near the airport is becoming a large neighborhood of jobs, homes and businesses.

Torstai 7.9.2017
A picture link to a text about wellbeing week.

Wellbeing Week is here!

Learn more about the Wellbeing Week events at Vantaa Info.

Maanantai 9.10.2017
A picture link to a page about financial advice.

Is it time to ponder on your finances?

Learn more about what one can do when the money doesn't fo far enough.

Keskiviikko 11.10.2017

Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.

Torstai 9.2.2017

Visit Vantaa

The City of Vantaa has launched a new Visit Vantaa website.

Torstai 29.12.2016