Exceptional opening hours

Health stations have limited operations from June 25 to August 5; mainly acute cases will be treated. Check the exceptional opening hours for social and health services’ here.

Maanantai 16.7.2018

Tikkurila Festival 2018 is here – changes in traffic

Tikkurila Festival is back at Hiekkaharju Sports Arena July 20th – 21st. Because of the event, there will be some exceptions in public transport and traffic.

Maanantai 16.7.2018

Vuelta Vantaa cycling race

Vuelta Vantaa is a road cycling race which will be held on Sunday, 22th August 2018.

Maanantai 16.7.2018

Where to place the city bikes?

The city of Vantaa is planning to introduce a city bike system in Tikkurila and Aviapolis regions in spring 2019.

Maanantai 25.6.2018

Rock on in Tikkurila

At Tikkurila Market Square, August 17th and 18th Rock Classics and Kalevauva.fi – free of charge.

Torstai 5.7.2018

Vantaa Info is open during the summer

Welcome to Vantaa Info, where you can take care of issues related to your everyday life and to your leisure time. We offer you expert counseling by utilizing our networks.

Perjantai 20.7.2018