Myyrmäki residents voted on participatory budgeting ideas


The €50,000 earmarked for Myyrmäki participatory budgeting will be used mainly for developing the parks and their activities and improving the cleanliness of the neighbourhood.  

People looking at street art in Myyrmäki.

Summertime emerged as the most prominent season, but atmospheric winter season lighting was the top vote-getter. A total of 242 people participated in the vote on participatory budgeting.  

In 2023, Vantaa will adopt the participatory budgeting model city-wide, so next year, residents can suggest ideas for the city as a whole. The city-level process will start with the Our Vantaa seminar on 24 January 2023 at the City Hall, where we will hear news about the future of participatory budgeting in Vantaa, Helsinki’s take on the subject, and other expert contributions. The seminar is open to local residents.  

Registration for the Meidän Vantaa seminar on 24 January 2023. (Registration has ended.)  

Winning proposals   

Atmospheric seasonal lighting

Atmospheric street lanterns and lights of different colours are to be installed to make autumn and winter brighter.  The proposed locations include the Myyrmäki station and shopping centre area and the Louhela station area.

Flower meadows

Improving the growing conditions of meadow flowers in the existing grass or meadow areas, such as the Löydöspuisto park.

Litter picker lending service

Litter pickers and hi-vis vests, which residents can borrow from the Myyrmäki residential activity facility.

Group exercise classes and guided outdoor gym activities

Guided group exercise classes, gym equipment instruction and training tips are provided in Myyrmäki Sports Park and other neighbouring parks once a week during the summer months.

Planting of trees and bushes

The priority is to plant trees in parks and/or urban green spaces in Myyrmäki. Bushes could also be planted where the planting of trees is not possible.

Outdoor movie and picnic in Myyrmäki

A free outdoor movie event is to be organised in Myyrmäki.

Summer activities and a youth facility in a park (ages 12–18)

Activities in line with those organised at the outdoor youth point Nutakontti are to be developed further as the residents propose. Myyrmäki Sports Park to have a one-off graffiti workshop, weekly opportunities to try out different hobbies and skateboarding workshops for young people.

Picnic spots

Two picnic spots with bench tables and rubbish bins are to be built in the parks by Mätäoja. At least one of the picnic spots should be accessible.

Rubbish bins development project

The fixed range of rubbish bins in the centre of Myyrmäki and by the pedestrian roads leading to the centre are to be replaced with consideration to the residents’ suggestions (60 L, 60 L with an ashtray, 140 L) where possible.   

Read more about participatory budjeting.


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