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The Streets and Parks Service Area is responsible for the placement of election posters on advertisements stands on streets and bridges in Vantaa.  The city is not responsible for other election advertising.

The Streets and Parks Service Area does not install individual election advertisements and does not issue permits for the placement of individual election advertisements in public streets and parks. Grounds for the ban include traffic safety, protecting urban infrastructure, maintaining a clean urban space and ensuring fair elections.

Advertisements installed without permission in public areas are often detrimental to traffic and, when attached to traffic control devices, violate the Road Traffic Act and regulations.  Advertisements can also cause problems to maintenance and damage urban property.

Advertisements dirty and break down easily and are targets of vandalism. Advertisements that are in poor condition are often not restored, cleaned or removed by advertisers. In addition, installing and removing advertisements in areas with traffic may pose a danger for both the person installing the advertisement and other traffic.

The number of candidates in elections is so high that the city does not have the opportunity to allocate safe and appropriate places for election advertisements in street areas. Not would it be possible to ensure the equal treatment of candidates.  

The city’s maintenance workers systematically remove unauthorised election advertisements installed in public areas. Removed advertisements are taken to Voimalantie 2 in West Vantaa and Koisotie 10 in East Vantaa.  

If the removed advertisements are not picked up, the city will dispose of them as energy waste after the elections. The city is not responsible for the condition of removed election advertisements.


Election seen on the streets of Vantaa more than in previous election years 

In addition to centralized election advertising stands, the city is now testing placing stands advertising the coming parliamentary election in other public areas as well, for example, along public streets.  

The advertisements are allowed from March 2 to April 2, 2023. The city will not charge any fee for the advertising places.  
The advertisers are responsible for the ads which must be placed along streets, among other considerations, in such a way that they will not jeopardize traffic safety. After the election, the advertisements must be removed within two days.  

Further information: City Engineer Henry Westlin, henry.westlin@vantaa.fi 


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