The City of Vantaa puts out to tender its procurements in accordance with the legislation on procurement as well as in accordance with other law and criteria related to procurements.

Procurement notifications

Procurement notifications exceeding the national threshold value are published on the public procurement notification channel HILMA either nationally or throughout the EU, depending on the value of the procurement. In tendering, the city uses the online tendering system Cloudia. Invitation for tenders made on Cloudia and other documents are available online at: Cloudian tarjouspalvelu. Cloudia is also used in small-scale procurements.

Sustainability in procurement

In procurement there are many sustainability aspects that have to be considered while planning, choosing the supplier and managing the contract. It is vital to consider those aspects, because the City of Vantaa, as big buyer, has great impact on the market and can drive the market to more sustainable direction.

Roadmap to Strategic Procurement is a guiding tool in procurement of the city. The roadmap combines strategic goals of the city with their implementation by procurement. The roadmap is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and  ISO 20400:2017 (sustainable procurement) -standard.

According to the Roadmap to Strategic Procurement the city’s strategic procurement priorities are:

  • carbon neutrality
  • circular economy
  • innovation
  • human and labor rights in procurement
  • the social perspective of corporate social responsibility
  • participation
  • legality and efficiency

Sustainability measures related to procurement have also been identified in Roadmap to Resource Wisdom, a city’s environmental program. City of Vantaa has been a Fair Trade Town since 2014, and we strive for purchasing fairtrade products where possible. City of Vantaa is a forerunner on social employment. Operating model and the use of employment condition has become an essential part of our sustainable procurement. In year 2020 the city implemented a pilot on gender budgeting in procurement.

Sustainability is one of our values, and we are continuously developing our sustainability work. In developing our procurement, we are doing diverse cooperation in national and international level.

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