Support for learning and schooling

In Vantaa, the goal of supporting student learning and schooling is for every child to experience success, progress in their learning and feel part of their school community.

Opettaja osoittaa oppilaan kirjan sivua.

Learning support in basic education

In Vantaa, the support that a pupil requires is primarily organised by different flexible means in their local school. The support is organised in collaboration with the pupil’s own teacher, all the pupil’s teachers, and supporting personnel if necessary. For pupils, support for learning and school attendance in based on the three-step model and it can be, depending on the pupil’s needs, general, enhanced, or special support.

Pupil welfare in basic education

Pupil welfare supports the well-being of the entire school community and promotes cooperation between home and school. School well-being is affected by the school environment’s safety and health, and by adequate support for learning and school attendance. Pupil welfare work consists of, among other things, encounters with pupils, encouragement, help, and strengthening pupil involvement.

Groups requiring special support

If the student's support is needed, his or her studies can be organized in a small group at the city level, which are

In a small group, students can study in the same class or there can be students in different grades in the class.

Preparatory teaching

Preparatory teaching is provided for children and young people who are not proficient enough in Finnish language to study in a group taught in Finnish. The preparatory teaching groups teach the Finnish language as well as different school subjects based on the students' skills levels

Assistant services

Special needs assistants and student nurses support the students' learning and schooling during schooldays and also work with the afternoon clubs and day activities for disabled children in the afternoons.

Aid equipment in basic education

The purpose of aid equipment is to guarantee the student the basic prerequisites for schooling and as an accessible learning environment as possible. Aid equipment may include means such as customised learning and teaching materials, technical devices, classroom fixtures, as well as ramps, railings and elevators that make it easier to get around the school building.

Accessibility information for schools can be found on the schools' websites.


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