Land acquisition and land use agreements


Urban planning

The City of Vantaa is actively acquiring land in order to develop the city and implement land use plans. The city also leases land for a wide range of purposes.

Rakennustyömaa Kivistön aseman vieressä.

Land acquisition is one of the most important land policy instruments. In accordance with the land and housing policy of the City of Vantaa, the city acquires land from areas that support the implementation of long-term urban strategies and development of the community structure.

Land acquisition

A proactive and long-term approach to land acquisition helps the city to prepare for future urban development needs and to ensure availability of land suitable for housing and places of employment, without forgetting recreation areas and nature conservation.

Vantaa acquires land primarily through voluntary acquisition. If necessary, the city may exercise its right of pre-emption and expropriation. As a result of land use agreement negotiations, land can also be acquired from a landowner as a contractual compensation. The city has statutory rights and obligations in relation to the acquisition of land.

Land use agreements

A land use agreement is concluded between the municipality and a private landowner when the pending local detailed plan, or an alteration to a plan, results in significant benefits for the landowner. Land use agreements are based on the Land Use and Building Act.

The agreement provides for the landowner’s duty to share in the costs of community construction in the area. The landowner may also agree, for instance, to transfer public areas to the city according to the detailed plan. Housing development and financing methods can also be agreed in the land use agreement. The agreement is approved by the City Executive Board.

Short-term land leases and land use permits 

The City of Vantaa leases land for short-term use for a variety of purposes. The type of contract and the application policy depends on the location and intended use of the area.

You can apply for permits for street and park areas in the Lupapiste service.

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